Infinite Dental Wellness - State Of The Art Dentistry

At Infinite Dental Wellness, We Promote a Whole-Body Approach To Dentistry Using Cutting-Edge Medical Technology, Minimally-Invasive Dental Procedures, and Personalized, Patient-Centric Care.

Infinite Dental Wellness opened its doors in 2010, fulfilling the lifelong dream of co-founders Dr. Kiraj and Dr. Muradyan. At IDW, we promote a whole-body approach to health in which up-to-date dental science and personalized care play a critical role.

From minimally invasive oral surgery conducted with precision laser technology to specialty cosmetic services like 1-hour teeth whitening, all of our services are designed to provide patients with optimal comfort and results while minimizing time spent in appointments or recovery.

At Infinite Dental Wellness, general/family dentistry is practiced under the same roof as our cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, allowing us to build a relationship with you and your particular needs and saving you the time and trouble of working with multiple providers.

Dr. Leon Kiraj DDS

Dr. Kiraj, DDS

Dr. Liana Muradyan, DDS

Dr. Muradyan, DDS

Anna Kiredzhyan, RDH, BS

Kiredzhyan, RDH, BS


3600 N. Verdugo Rd., Suite 201
Glendale, CA 91208

Our Business Hours:
Mon 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Wed – Thur 11:00AM to 8:00PM
Friday 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM to 2:00PM

*Emergency and urgent care services performed outside of regular business hours will incur an emergency premium

Giving Back To The Glendale Community

Since the opening of Infinite dental practice in Glendale, Drs. Kiraj and Dr. Muradyans goals were to give back to the community where they worked and lived. Since then, they have been active members of the community through practicing green dentistry and donating to charities.

Among the chief recipients of their charitable donations have been:

Descanso Gardens

Discanso Gardens

These lovely arrangements of nature include flowers, oaks, and other native California plants. Donations help to sustain the gardens and keep admission price low.

La Cañada High School

Helped to pay for travel and expenses of La Cañada High School Girls’ Choir.

AGAU and Scouts - “Ararat” Chapter

This program raises money so that Armenian youngsters can enjoy athletic activities, day camps, and programs like Boy & Girl Scouts.

We Support Following Organizations

Tree Project
Glendale, CA
military personnel

We are proud to support our veterans and all military personnels by volunteering to conduct Compensation and Pension (C&P) Disability Evaluations at our clinic.

Striving For Green Dentistry

One of our goals at Infinite Dental Wellness is to minimize our ecological footprint and protect the earth for future generations. This “Go Green!” philosophy permeates every aspect of our business, from the amount of paper we use to the dentistry tools we have selected.

Eco Friendly - Green Dentistry

Advancement in science and technology makes it possible for us to provide you an alternative way for stem cell banking which gives a new future for our children. Various studies showed the importance of healthy primary or permanent extracted teeth that contain potent stem cells, creating an opportunity to save this tissue for when it is needed.

Infinite Dental Wellness group is also supporting the conservation and preservation of the nature and environment of our community by incorporating modern green technologies to the field of dentistry. Thus, spending more to make sure we not only meet but also exceed the governmental and professional standards.

Some Of The Green Dentistry Benefits Of Our Office

  • Installation of Dry Evacuation System (for evacuating suction waste), which saves an average of 60 gal. of water per operational hour compared to Wet Vac.

  • Installation of Amalgam Separator to prevent harmful products draining into water system and soil.

  • Installation of Energy save LED light to conserve energy and paperless environment

  • Digital X-ray that drastically reduces the amount of radiation and eliminates the waste products of fixers and developers.