Beneficial Tooth Whitening Treatment

boostThe Boost Teeth Whitening System by Opalescence is a one hour treatment that is done by our dentists in the office. Just like its name, the Boost Teeth Whitening system, gives your teeth a boost of brightness! You’ll get dramatic results in just an hour. Unlike other brands of teeth whitening systems, Boost is not harmful to your teeth because of its beneficial ingredients. Boost contains both Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride. These two ingredients simultaneously work together to help the teeth, as opposed to harming them like other agents used in teeth whitening systems. Potassium Nitrate reduces sensitivity and tooth decay, while Fluoride strengthens enamel.

Clean TeethOther brands of teeth whitening systems don’t have the advantages that Boost has; causing super sensitivity to your teeth and stripping the enamel, ultimately causing harm. The other great thing about Boost is that there is no need of light to activate the gel that’s applied; no harmful ultraviolet rays or lasers are used.  With Boost Teeth Whitening, there is no discomfort of having heat and a light shine on you during the procedure. Boost is an easy, convenient, beneficial tooth whitening treatment that is innovative compared to all the other brands. You are safe with Boost.  Do your teeth and smile a huge favor!

Call our office to get a free consultation about Boost Teeth Whitening Treatment; the fastest and beneficial teeth whitening treatment on the market. Our dentists can discuss what your goals are and how to prepare you for this life-changing treatment. You can take years off your smile, by proceeding with Boost.