Cold Sore

What Triggers Cold Sores And How To Stop Outbreaks With Laser Treatment

Cold sores can be a point of embarrassment for many, and they can cause a serious lack of self-confidence. They can even create a feeling of not wanting to leave home. A cold sore can make someone want to hide from everyone until it goes away, and treating it can become an obsession.

Caused by sharing eating or drinking utensils, kissing, or sharing lipstick or lip balm, cold sores are initially created from the HSV-1 herpes virus and are commonly contracted during childhood.

Fortunately for most people who are affected, cold sores are not constant. While the virus that causes them is always present, the sores only appear when certain triggers cause them to appear.

So what are these triggers? Where exactly do these frustrating cold sores come from? If you suffer from them, then no doubt you’ve done plenty of research. While there’s no one specific cause for them, cold sores can appear for a few different reasons, including the following:

Weakened Immunity

As one of the main culprits, a low immunity allows a cold sore to really kick you when you’re down. When you’ve been sick, your body’s antibodies begin to fight the illness. This “distracts” the antibodies from preventing you from getting a cold sore as strongly as they normally would—hence the name “cold sore”.


When you’re going through a stressful situation at work or in your personal life, it can cause the hormone cortisol to weaken your immune system—and as mentioned above, this can cause cold sores to quickly develop. Cortisol gives you lots of adrenaline, which in turn drains your immunity. If you’re prone to cold sores, lowered immunity is a common trigger.

Lack of Proper Sleep

When you’re not getting good rest, it causes fatigue, which also lowers your immunity. Just like sickness and stress, this is a prime cause for cold sores to develop.

Exposure to Sunlight

Lips aren’t exactly the spot one would typically think of when thinking of sun damage—unless you’re used to cold sores. Sun exposure can burn the lips just as it does other parts of the skin, and as a result, cold sores can flare up.

Cold Weather

While the sun can burn your lips to invite sores, cold weather can dry them so much that they crack and peel, making them vulnerable to cold sores. This is why it’s very smart to keep ChapStick or other lip balm close by in cold atmospheres.

Pregnancy, Menstruation, and Menopause

Females who suffer from cold sores may notice that they tend to crop up during their period. This is because the hormonal changes and emotional ups and downs tend to “wake up” cold sores due to the stress that is suddenly added to the body. This is also the reason that cold sores come around for some women during pregnancy or menopause.

Mouth Injuries

Cold sores love to make an appearance if you’ve had recent trauma to your lips, such as a cut while shaving, constant lip-biting, dental work, or if something has hit you in the face.

Laser Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Laser TreatmentAs you can see, there are quite a few factors that can cause a cold sore to make an unwelcome appearance. Those who suffer from cold sores are susceptible to them forever, and when every flare-up causes you to want to put your life on hold and hide from the world, this can impact your day-to-day living.

But did you know that cold sores can be treated with laser technology? This should be a huge relief to those who are used to expensive antibiotics or topical treatments that either don’t work or take weeks to eliminate the cold sore.

Many dentist practices provide cold sore laser treatments that will heal a cold sore much faster than medicines or creams. Sessions are quick, painless, and may even be covered by a patient’s insurance. This laser technology not only speeds up the healing process; it can even prevent an outbreak from happening if you catch it fast enough. The concentrated laser light kills the virus attack without penetrating or even touching your skin. In some cases, the laser light can even prevent cold sores from returning for years. This is a true breakthrough for those who know the pain and embarrassment of dealing with outbreaks.

If you’re looking for a better treatment for your cold sores, consider Infinite Dental Wellness, a highly-rated cosmetic dentistry in Glendale. We specialize in oral laser treatments for our patients. Why not book an appointment today? We look forward to hearing from you!