Come Visits Our Mercury-Free Office

Recently, Infinite Dental Wellness received an email from Joanne, a concerned person wondering if our office was mercury-free. Well we can proudly confirm that, yes, our dentist office does not use fillings with mercury!

The controversy surrounds the use of amalgam, an alloy consisting of mercury and other metals, for tooth fillings. Mercury, as you probably know, is very toxic, which is why you are advised to handle a broken thermometer with the utmost care.

resin filling

Infinite Dental uses dental resin, a tooth-colored composite material, for fillings. Along with looking more natural than metal fillings, it also has no risk of mercury poisoning, so patients will be healthier. One of our dentists’ areas of expertise is Whole Body Wellness, which emphasizes using dentistry as a fundamental component of healthy living, rather than simply cleaning teeth and treating cavities.

We also offer mercury removal services for patients that received amalgam fillings without being informed of the risks. Our high-tech equipment allows for easy extraction of potentially hazardous materials, along with dental resin replacement.

If you have been looking for a holistic dentist in northern Los Angeles focused on green services that protect the environment and the patient, give us a try. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling 818-541-1110. Have a pleasant day!