Cosmetic Services At Infinite Dental Wellness

If your smile isn’t as bright and healthy looking as you’d like, Infinite Dental Wellness offers a number of medical and cosmetic services to bring it to your standards and make your dreams a reality.

Tooth Shape, Size, and Uniformity

Two of the most popular and most transformative cosmetic dentistry treatments available here are porcelain veneers and dental bonding. Although they are different treatments, they both produce similarly outstanding results: uniform, naturally white teeth that perfectly complement a patient’s smile. At our cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry practice in Glendale, dental bonding vs. porcelain veneers is one of the issues most commonly discussed during one-on-one, confidential consultations with our patients.

Porcelain veneers are designed to look, feel and perform much like your healthy, natural teeth. They are also easy to take care of as part of your daily dental hygiene routine. Porcelain veneers are, as their name suggests, crafted from the highest-quality medical-grade porcelain into thin, tooth-shaped shells. Our cosmetic dentists customize porcelain veneers so that they perfectly complement the size, shape, color, and even texture of surrounding natural teeth. Porcelain is a particularly good material to use in dental restorations because it, like tooth enamel, is translucent; that is, it lets some light pass through its surface rather than reflecting it all. It is also highly stain resistant and durable. Once in place, porcelain veneers will provide a decade or more of natural-looking, stunningly beautiful smiles. Although porcelain veneers are resistant to stains, it is critical to maintain regular dental care. Food particles and plaque can accumulate on and around the teeth to which porcelain veneers are bonded.

On the other hand, dental bonding involves the application of a composite resin material directly onto the teeth. This material can be matched to the color of surrounding untreated teeth and molded to look very natural. While the material used in dental bonding is not translucent and is somewhat less durable than porcelain, it still produces excellent, immediate results. It is also a less expensive option than porcelain veneers, making it a fine choice for people who want to make over their smiles while staying within their budgets. Dental bonding is also a great choice for patients who want to improve the appearance of their teeth without making the lifetime commitment that porcelain veneers require. Porcelain veneers necessitate the removal of a thin layer of enamel prior to their replacement. As a result, the patient will always need to have veneers; if a veneer becomes dislodged, it must be replaced. Bonding, on the other hand, does not involve the physical alteration of the tooth.


Tooth Color and Stains
Tooth bleaching is a process done to make them lighter in color. For those people who aren’t born with naturally white teeth or have had theirs affected by drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or by smoking, this provides the chance to get rid of unpleasant stains and discolorations. Fortunately, bleaching can be done in various ways, from being provided by a dentist to at-home treatments.

Tooth reshaping or bonding is a method that is used to hide chips and fractures, smooth pits and grooves in the enamel, correct small teeth imperfections before an orthodontic procedure, and to make teeth appear less crowded. And, veneers, which can be described as a thin shell of porcelain bonded to teeth, are used to help correct crooked, chipped, and/or worn teeth.

Medical and dentistry advancements have allowed for people to more easily and quickly achieve the white, straight smile they desire. Contact us today to make an appointment for tooth bleaching, reshaping or bonding, and veneers to get the perfect smile they want.