Debunking Five Myths on Teeth Whitening

Keeping your teeth white requires constant care.  Just like hair, teeth need daily attention.  Looking at people having such beautiful pearly white teeth is something to behold, but to get to that stage you must have some extra help besides the daily brushing and flossing.  There are two options whitening teeth, the dentist’s office or home products.  You might ask what the drawbacks are or you’ve heard of some negative stories about whitening teeth.  Let’s quickly look at five myths that deal with teeth whitening.

Can you get the same result for teeth whitening at home like in the dentist’s office?

Yes, you can!  However, there are always drawbacks.  Going to the dental office is much faster, since it takes one day to get your teeth as white as possible.  However, depending on the dentist you choose to go to prices can vary.  Do-it-yourself products are generally cheaper, but take a considerable amount of time, but you can get the same result you do at the dentist’s office.

Does teeth whitening products and procedures hurt or even destroy your teeth?

There is no proven long-term damage teeth whitening products have.  However, there are some short-term effects.  Sensitivity in the gums and the teeth can occur for a day or two.  Fortunately, it should go away soon after that.

Other myths saying whitening teeth can cause nerve damage or oral cancer.  Both cases are extreme rumors and not even remotely possible.  With strict regulations on what kind of chemicals can be used in whitening agents, it is ensured the chemicals are too mild to cause any damage.

There have been countless studies on the effects teeth whitening products and procedures have on teeth enamel and so far case studies have pointed towards no long-term negative effects.  Again, there are short term effects that can feel uncomfortable for the first day or so, but no long-term damage to worry about.

Does insurance cover any teeth whitening procedures?

Depending on the dental insurance, but normally it does not cover the cost.  Teeth whitening procedures are considered cosmetic and usually not covered under dental insurance.  Talk with your dental insurance provider to get a more straight-forward answer.

Do teeth stay white forever?

No.  Unfortunately, we have to take care of our teeth daily.  Besides the usual brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day standard; it still won’t keep your teeth forever white.  The foods we eat and especially the drinks we drink will always cause our teeth to be stained.  If you don’t have the commitment to keep your teeth white, then you already have lost the war on having a pearly white smile.

Is every set of teeth going to react differently to teeth whitening procedures?

Yes!  Naturally our teeth are yellow, gray, or even brown.  The “Hollywood Smile” everyone’s looking for is not typically natural.  To keep teeth white is a commitment one must have to keep their teeth looking great.  Sometimes it’s easier, say to have yellow teeth work with the a certain teeth whitening agent more than gray teeth.  It really depends on the color of the teeth and the procedures or products you brought home.

To keep those teeth pearly white, each person might have to go through different procedures or products and choose to either do it at home or go to the dentist’s office.  However, as mentioned before, it is more of a commitment to keep your teeth white.  Everything you eat will eventually stain your teeth, but brushing daily and using whitening products will help keep your smile glowing brighter and longer.