Do I Need a Dental Implant?

single and multiple tooth implant dentistryA gap in your smile can have serious consequences

People lose teeth for a variety of reasons. Injury to one or more of your teeth, illness and infections that break down teeth and bone at an unusual rate, poorly executed prior dental work, and genetic predisposition to dental problems can all play a role in creating the need for reconstructive dentistry like tooth implants. When this happens, missing and damaged teeth can have an extremely negative social and professional impact on the affected person, as feelings about one’s appearance take a toll on self-esteem and ability to present oneself well, and unfortunately, some individuals have poor perceptions of people with dental problems. Physical effects are also a concern; damaged teeth are more vulnerable to continuing problems which can then spread to the adjacent teeth, and gaps and spaces where teeth are missing or misaligned trap bacteria-breeding food particles and allow healthy teeth to shift into the wrong areas.

Nobel biocare dental implants available
Dental implants are the next best thing to real teeth

If this is a situation you’re facing, you have options. A dental implant is often the best solution to these common problems. Dentures and bridges have their uses and many people rely on them, but for the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth, dental implants are the way to go. While these other procedures require other teeth to be ground down and damaged to pride anchors for bridges, or removed altogether to accommodate dentures, a dental implant targets only the problem areas and is anchored into the natural gum. (Sometimes setting a dental implant requires bone grafting, a procedure that replaces bone in the jaw depleted by infections or general wear and tear and promotes long-term health of the mouth and jaw.) Dental implants are permanent and last a lifetime, unlike tooth supported dental bridges which only last 5-7 years, and because a dental implant is fixed and designed to function just like a natural tooth, you can continue enjoying all the favorite foods and activities that denture wearers have to leave behind.

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