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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Dentistry

The History of Laser Dentistry

Though laser technology has been around since 1960, the use of lasers to perform soft tissue surgeries and other dental procedures has only existed for about 25 years. Beginning with the American Dental Laser in 1991, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began granting approval to dental lasers of various wavelengths, most used for specific functions (i,e, soft tissue surgeries, crown lengthening, hard tissue cutting, etc.) and in collaboration with tradition dental instruments.

How Do Dental Lasers Work?

In medicine (as in other fields), lasers work by producing a narrow, intense beam of light energy. Depending on the wavelength and intensity of this light energy, lasers can actually cut through or reshape different types of tissue, including both hard tissues (like enamel) and soft tissues (like gums). When used for “curing” or “setting” a filling, laser light helps to strengthen the bond between the filling and the tooth, while laser teeth-whitening procedures use laser light energy act as a reactive agent for the peroxide-based bleach.

How Are Lasers Used In Dentistry?

As dental lasers become more programmable and thus versatile, their uses multiply. Today, dental lasers are used in a wide variety of dental procedures, including (but not limited to):

  • Relieving pain associated with TMJ
  • Healing and reducing the discomfort associated with cold sores and canker sores
  • Reshaping gums
  • Removing cysts and benign tumors
  • Exposing partially erupted wisdom teeth
  • Cutting unnecessary muscle attachments
  • Treating infections and disinfecting injuries
  • Removing overgrown tissues
  • Accelerating teeth whitening procedures

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Lasers?

Dental lasers come with several distinct advantages, the most notable being that lasers often replace traditional dental instruments like drills, scalpels, and some scaling tools; this is especially good news for those with anxiety about going to the dentist. Also, because lasers use heat to make incisions, wounds are simultaneously disinfected and cauterized while cutting, thus drastically decreasing bleeding, pain, and recovery times.

Infinite Dental Wellness Biolase Epic Laser
Infinite Dental Wellness Biolase Epic Laser

What Type of Laser Does Infinite Dental Wellness Use?

For soft tissue surgeries, cold sore relief, and teeth whitening procedures, Infinite Dental Wellness uses the Biolase Epic 10™ Laser. A Class 4 diode laser, the Epic 10™ operates at between 110-240 volts and uses a laser wavelength of 940 nm.

Are Dental Lasers Safe?

If used by a trained dentists and according to accepted practices, dental laser are at least as safe as other dental instruments, if not more safe due to their disinfecting properties. The most harmful aspect of the Infinite Dental Wellness laser, in fact, is the laser light’s effect on one’s eyes; for this reason, you will be asked to wear special protective glasses during laser procedures.

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