Fourth of July Dentistry Tips

4th of July FireworksHappy 4th of July! I hope you are safely celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence this year by barbequing, watching a fireworks display, and enjoying the sunshine.

While this holiday is one of the most fun events of the summer, it is also important to take precautions to protect your teeth. Here are 3 tips to remember on the fourth.

Floss After Eating

Many foods, but especially corn on the cob, get wedged in between teeth. The sugars cause tooth enamel to rot, allowing cavities to grow. Relieve your teeth from corn kernels by carrying dental floss in your purse or pocket. You can sneak away to the bathroom if you feel self-conscious about public flossing.

Watch the Amount of Sweets You Eat

Fourth of July BBQs and picnics offer a bounty of sweets- cupcakes, Jell-O, and pies to name a few. While delicious, they also are hazardous to your teeth (not to mention your waistline). Limit the number of sweets you eat or, better yet, completely avoid them.

Don’t Open Bottles of Beer with Your Teeth!

This old bar trick can seem impressive, but it won’t seem so funny when you’re eating your foods through a straw later on in life. Opening bottle caps with your teeth scrapes of enamel and can even cause your teeth to chip.

Drink Water

You can still enjoy a frosty beer or soda, but alternate water in between drinks. This way, you will wash away food and sugar particles left behind in your mouth.

Wear a Mouth Guard

Many Independence Day parties involve some sort of sporting event, such as softball, soccer, Frisbee, or touch football. To prevent chipping a tooth, wear a mouth guard.

Follow these dentistry tips and watch what you eat and you will have a Happy Fourth!