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Got Dry Mouth?

People wonder why we have saliva and what the benefits are. For your health, saliva is very important. Saliva fluid in the mouth protects and repairs the teeth from bacteria that causes tooth decay and ruin your teeth enamel. Saliva is needed in your mouth to neutralize the acid in your mouth. If you have dry mouth it means that the saliva is not there to do its honorable job and this is a big problem if you have constant dry mouth. Many medications are causing dry mouth because they are decreasing the amount of saliva in your mouth and other medications are altering the saliva fluid making it less effective on fighting and protecting your teeth. There are many medications that cause dry mouth, but we will mention the handful that many people use on a daily basis. Medicine to treat high blood pressure like Clomidine for example causes dry mouth and is important to mention because of the many high blood pressure sufferers in America. Another medicine which is actually offered over the counter and is taken by many allergy sufferers, especially during the allergy seasons is the popular Antihistamine called Benadryl. Certain antidepressants may also give you dry mouth, and are taken by many Americans.  There are many other medicines that people take on a regular basis that can give you dry mouth. If you know you have dry mouth or have a feeling that you need to constantly need to drink fluids to get more saliva production, consult with your doctor. Your doctor may be able to change your medicine or change the dosage. The side effects of dry mouth from medicines can cause a lot of damage to your teeth and your tooth enamel. The bacterium in your mouth needs to be neutralized and fought off by constant saliva production in the mouth. It is very important that you consult with your doctor about dry mouth and inform him/her about all the medications you take-it will prevent a lot of damage to your teeth and your overall health.