Infinite Dental Wellness is a Eco-Friendly Dentistry

How Infinite Dental Embraces Eco-Friendly Dentistry

As the world faces ever-increasing environmental threats from global warming, contamination, and a depletion of natural resources, “Going Green” has never been more important for business owners and their customers. In fact, a recent survey shows that over 40% of consumers would rather buy a product or patronize a company that embraces environmentally-conscious practices, and an astounding 80% of employees would prefer to work for an employer that cares about sustainable practices. It is no surprise, then, that Infinite Dental Wellness has become an industry leader by implementing eco-friendly technology, procedures, and materials that protect the environment and reduce the practice’s carbon footprint.

Some of the ways Infinite Dental Wellness cares for the planet include:

#1: Not Using Mercury in Our Procedures

For years, the heavy metal mercury appeared in dental amalgams (along with a powdered alloy of silver, tin, copper, and/or gold) used in fillings and other dental procedures. Of course, we now know that mercury is extremely toxic, but that doesn’t stop other dental practices from continuing to use the hazardous material and flushing it down their drains, where it can then contaminate underground reservoirs and sources of drinking water. To protect both our patients and the community, Infinite Dental refrains from using mercury in any of its treatments or procedures.

#2: Using An Amalgam Separator

While no dangerous mercury is used by Infinite Dental Wellness, some clients have fillings from other doctors that do contain mercury and, if exposed to soil or water system, could be potentially harmful. For this reason, we rely on a amalgam separator to filter out hazardous particles and always responsibly dispose of any mercury we collect.

#3: Conserving Water

Water is one of our most precious resources, but few dentist offices realize just how much water they waste on dental procedures throughout the course of each day. By installation a cutting-edge Dry Evacuation System (for evacuating suction waste) in our facility, Infinite Dental Wellness saves an average of 60 gallons of water per operational hour compared to a standard Wet Vaccuum system.

#4: Installing LED Lights

A single light emitting diode (LED) bulb uses as little as 3% of the energy needed to power a standard light bulb and last 10-15 times longer. The less energy we use lighting our office and examination spaces, the less fossil fuels we require and the smaller Infinite Dental’s carbon footprint becomes.

#5: Converting X-Rays to Digital Formats

Traditional X-rays (which must be taken to get a full picture of patients’ teeth and jaw bones) not only release harmful chemicals into the air when being developed, they also expose patients to large amounts of radiation unnecessarily. By switching to digital X-rays, Infinite Dental wellness protects the health of both the environment and our patients.