Infinite Dental Wellness Launches New, Mobile-Friendly Website

Infinite Sets The Standard With New Mobile-Friendly Website

Since opening Infinite Dental Wellness in 2010, husband-and-wife duo Dr. Kiraj and Dr. Muradyan have worked hard to keep the practice on the forefront of new technology, capitalizing on modern medical innovations, employing green dentistry practices, and offering cutting-edge stem-cell banking services to guard against future health problems.

Recently, Infinite Dental Wellness’s founders have taken their forward-thinking approach into the digital realm, launching a beautiful new website designed by the L.A.-based firm Alecan Marketing Solutions. The new version returns many of the website’s most popular features–intuitive navigation, informative videos, online reservation forms–with one major improvement: the new website is entirely mobile-friendly! Now, patients can access information regarding procedures, contact the dentists’ office, and make a reservation from anywhere, and on any device. “We always want to remain on the cutting edge and set the bar in our industry,” said Dr. Kiraj. “The new website uses the latest digital innovations, of course, but more importantly, it makes the experience better for our customers.”

Infinite Dental Wellness’s OLD website:

Infinite Dental Wellness's OLD Website

Compare to the new, mobile-friendly version:

Infinite Dental Wellness Launches New, Mobile-Friendly Website

From a business perspective, Infinite Dental Wellness hopes the new website will not only impress existing patients, but also attract new ones; because Google is now ranking mobile-friendly websites higher in search engine results pages (also known as SERPs), Infinite Dental’s new site has the propensity to dramatically increase the practice’s visibility on the web, which will, in turn, grow the business’s patient base.