Electric Anesthesia, Not Needles

New Dental Anesthetic Technique Uses Electricity, Not Needles

Are you terrified of needles? Do you avoid scheduling dental procedures because you can’t stand the thought of a dentist injecting something into your gums? Is your dental health suffering because you get queasy every time you think about the pain you may have to endure the next time you sit in a dentist’s chair? If you’re like millions of other Americans who fear the feeling of a long, sharp piece of metal puncturing your skin, especially in your mouth, where sensation is heightened, the newest breakthrough in medical technology could be just what the doctor ordered.

A Shocking New Development

A new research study conducted at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, may have found a way to increase the efficacy of topical hydrogels containing Lidocaine or Prilocaine, which are now used to numb needle injection sites but are not powerful enough to be used during oral surgeries or other potentially painful dental procedures. According to study co-author Professor Renata Fonseca Vianna Lopez, administering a small electrical current to the hydrogels – a process called iontophoresis – increased their numbing agents’ ability to permeate the mouth lining by 12-fold. The pain-killing effects of the new treatment were also immediate and long-lasting.

“Needle-free administration could save costs, improve patient compliance, facilitate application and decrease the risks of intoxication and contamination,” said Professor Lopez. “This may facilitate access to more effective and safe dental treatments to thousands of people around the world.”

Though the experiments were conducted on the mouth lining of a pig (because pigs are similar in size a physiology to humans, they are often used in place of human subjects), the results were extremely promising. Furthermore, the Brazilian researchers concluded that the practical application of iontophoresis could extend to the delivery of cancer treatments.

“Skin and eye diseases […] pose challenges for drug delivery, so we have focused on improving drug delivery in these organs using nanotechnology, iontophoresis and sonophoresis, which is permeation using sound waves.” Professor Lopez said.

Pain Free Dentistry at Infinite Dental

Just because iontophoresis isn’t yet available to dentists and dental patients, however, doesn’t mean your next visit to Infinite Dental Wellness will be an excruciating one. On the contrary, our friendly dental professionals have decades of experience administering painless dental care using the latest technological advancements, including:

  • Powerful topical numbing gels
  • Sedation dentistry for major surgeries like root canals or dental implants
  • Laser dentistry, which harnesses the power of concentrated light to perform minor surgeries painlessly.
  • And more!

For more information about our commitment to providing pain-free dental treatments, contact Infinite Dental Wellness today!