9 Summer Sports That Require Mouthguards for Protection

Summer is here and outdoor activities are at an all-time high; families and friends are making more of an effort to get together, have fun, and practice some friendly competition. Sports typically involve body pads, helmets, gloves, and other protective clothing, but you need to protect your oral health as well as with products like a mouthguard to protect against injuries and damage.

Bicycle Riding

Okay, so maybe every time you decide to take a nice, easy bike ride down a flat trail doesn’t require a mouthguard, but those who love to mountain bike, road bike for exercise, and all aspiring BMX bikers need to wear a mouthguard. Accidents happen and even experienced riders can hit a rock, bump, or twig and fall. Make sure you don’t loose any teeth with a mouthguard.

Roller Blading

This is an activity that you may do with young kids and it will be important for the both of you to protect your mouth and teeth, in addition to your knees and elbows. While a helmet protects your head against the pavement should a fall occur, your face is totally unprotected.


Tony Hawk still takes the occasional spill so even if your child is talented, there is always the chance that the move they’ve been working on for weeks doesn’t go according to plan. Whether your kid is practicing in the skate park with friends, or just messing around in your driveway, make sure they are wearing a mouthguard and a helmet.

Beach Volleyball

You may be wondering why you’d need to worry about getting hurt when you’re playing in the sand, but those impressive spikes and dives for the ball can unexpectedly hit your mouth instead of your wrist and cause damage.


Mouthguards will be necessary if you or your child is playing on a baseball team this summer. Hard baseballs flying in the air is enough of a reason to wear a mouthguard but add in the face-first dives into home plate and it becomes a necessity that will most definitely be appreciated.


One large wave and you could be hitting your surfboard mouth first. Instead of spending a beautiful, sunny day at the dentist’s office, spend it out on the water by wearing protective gear like a mouthguard.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Similar to surfing, SUP, or stand-up paddle boarding, is growing in popularity. Though this activity is typically not practiced on waves and is done by standing and paddling along calm waters, even the smallest wave can disturb your balance and cause slips and falls. Ensure that when you fall, because it is inevitable, that you don’t knock out your two front teeth.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be done all year round in a warm climate but it is done more often in the summer when it is combined with weekend camping and kids on summer vacation. Safety is of the utmost importance when rock climbing and it is imperative for you and your buddies to take classes before heading out for the real deal. But it is also smart to expect the unexpected. Make sure you are all wearing mouthguards in addition to helmets to protect your teeth and keep the smiles coming all summer long.

Horseback Riding

Summer vacation, for your kids and possibly yourself, means more activities and sports you may not normally have the time for. Horseback riding is a popular sport among kids and parents alike and is thrilling to get out in nature and feel the power of such a large animal. But working with animals mean there is less control and more room for the unexpected. Wear all necessary protective gear like a helmet, riding boots, long pants, and a mouthguard to worry less about injuries and more about the commands you’ll learn.

Summer is all about having fun and being active. But elevated activity equals more room for accidents and injuries. Protect your smile this summer and wear a mouthguard for all of the sports mentioned above, and spend more time doing what you love and not sitting inside of a dentist’s office.