Summer Tooth Brushing Tips for Parents

Toothbrushes_for_ChildrenSummer is just around the corner and that means the kids will be getting out of school and spending all day at home. This shift in schedule can have negative effects on their oral healthcare and it is your duty to make sure they are keeping their teeth clean.

Reading over the following tips will help you develop solid routines for your children and create a stable foundation for their future wellfare.

1) Maintain a Schedule

Regular sleep schedules are important for growing children, so incorporating teeth brushing into the routine will make it easier for kids to do it regularly. Stress the value of having clean teeth and fresh-smelling breath when you wake up. And set an example by brushing your teeth every night, so children see you are not just assigning them a task.

2) Always Pack a Toothbrush for Sleepovers

With more time off during the summer, there is more time for slumber parties and sleepovers. Make sure that your kid always has his or her tooth brush and a travel-size tube of toothpaste so they will not have an excuse for forgetting to brush. This is especially important for long trips like vacations and summer camps.

3) Limit Junk Food

Like many Americans, I have a habit of snacking on junk food when I’m bored. Without the structure of the school day, many kids spend time in front of the TV while indulging with chips, candy, and soda. Along with causing an increase in weight, these foods also cause cavities and other tooth diseases. Limit the amount of sugary foods they eat and force them to brush after every snack.