woman pinching her nose

The Causes Of Persistent Bad Breath

We come into contact with people every day; some of us with more people than others. One humiliating thing to have is bad breath. Anyone can have bad breath; sometimes our food choices can bring it on. Having meals with garlic and onions will sure to make someone have bad breath-sure we’ve all been there! Trying to kill the odor with brushing and flossing sometimes doesn’t even help. But did you know you can have persistent bad breath? The medical term for bad breath is called Halitosis. If you are having constant bad breath, you should put your oral hygiene and dental care on check. Maybe you’ve gotten lazy lately with flossing after you eat, which makes the food particles in your mouth turn into bacteria causing bad breath. Food particles can get stuck between your teeth, around your gums, and on your tongue. What about your tongue, have you been neglecting it? You should be scrubbing your tongue frequently because bacteria can multiply there too, causing bad breath to linger. Another reason for bad breath is not visiting your dentist regularly. You could have a cavity or plaque buildup in your crowns or fillings causing bad breath. Plaque buildup can become serious if not taken care of; it can progress into gum disease. Persistent bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth can also be the warning signs of gum disease. Dry mouth can also cause bad breath, due to the lack of saliva needed to keep your mouth bacteria free. Some medications may also cause dry mouth, causing bad breath.  Some infections and diseases can cause bad breath such as Pneumonia, chronic sinus infections, diabetes, kidney disease, and more. A dental check up would inform you of all the wrong things going on with your mouth and teeth that may cause you bad breath. With a dental evaluation, you can rule out most of the causes for your bad breath and you won’t need to live with the humiliation of bad breath a day longer.