The Importance of Flossing

flossingFlossing is very important to your oral health. You should make flossing a part of your daily dental care routine because it will improve your gum health, which is essential in keeping your overall health intact. Simply brushing alone is not enough in preventing harm to your gums and teeth. We know, you’re probably thinking that you have no time for flossing with all the other things in your daily routine. We want to let you know that those couple of minutes in your day for flossing will save you harm and money from dental procedures in the long run. If you keep your gums healthy by not only brushing, but flossing daily, you are preventing excessive damage to your gums (gum disease) that can lead to losing your teeth and possibly getting other chronic diseases, including Diabetes and Heart Disease. Don’t let this happen to you. Go buy yourself some floss; they have so many kinds on the market now. Make it a habit of flossing after every meal, which will help you with your daily routine. If you’ve never flossed before, ask our dentist to teach you how to floss. There’s a proper way of flossing and we want to make sure that you are doing it correctly!