What to Expect for an Oral Cancer Exam

An Oral Cancer Exam is fast and painless. It only takes a few minutes, but is tremendously important to your health. Here is what to expect:

1) You will be asked to remove dentures and partials before the exam begins.

2) The health care provider will inspect you face, lips, neck, and mouth for signs of cancer.

3) Using both hands, he will feel the underside of the jaw and the sides of neck, checking for lumps that could indicate cancer.

4) Next, he will examine the inside of the lips and cheeks for symptoms, such as red and/or white patches.


5) Your doctor will ask you to stick out your tongue to be checked for size, color, swelling and texture.

6) Your examiner will use gauze to gently pull your tongue to the side to check the base and sides of your tongue, as well as underneath your tongue.

7) The dentist will check the roof and floor of your mouth and the back of the throat for discoloration or other signs.

8) Lastly, your dentist will place a finger on the floor of the mouth and support the chin with his other hand, while pressing his finger down to identify lumps.

If you suspect that you may have oral cancer or have never been tested, mention it to the great doctors at Infinite Dental Wellness in Los Angeles and we will gladly minister the examination during your next routine checkup.