5 Signs That You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

5 Signs That You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures, with with nearly 85 percent of adults getting their wisdom teeth removed to protect their oral health. Wisdom teeth are rear molars that grow during your adult life, left over from an earlier stage in human development when people did not have molars by the time they reached their twenties.

Today, we have better dental care than our neanderthal ancestors, keeping our original molars into old age, making wisdom teeth obsolete. The team at Infinite Dental Wellness wants you to be ready to deal with your wisdom teeth, so we’re running through all the signs that you need to get your wisdom teeth removed.

1) Pain In The Back Of Your Mouth

The most obvious sign that you need your wisdom teeth removed is consistent pain in the back of your mouth. If you notice pain while you’re eating or cleaning your teeth, or just experiencing pain your mouth throughout the day, you should visit a dental professional to consider removal.

2) Jaw Pain And Stiffness

As your wisdom teeth grow, they shift your jaw line and the rest of your teeth. That means you’ll experience some major pain in your jaw, and possibly some stiffness. If your mouth pain is extending across your jaw, or you feel like you can’t open your mouth as wide as normal, consider wisdom tooth removal.

3) Inflamed Gums

As a result, they can cause inflammation in your gums, making it more difficult to clean the teeth around the irritated area. Removing your wisdom teeth can reduce that inflammation, and in turn make it easier to keep your teeth clean.

4) Sinus Issues

This might sound a bit strange, but issues with your dental health can have a big impact on your sinuses. Problems with wisdom teeth typically lead to sinus pain, congestion and pressure. And major increases in sinus pain is a strong indicator that you need to visit your dentist.

5) Cysts In Your Mouth

If you ignore your wisdom teeth for too long, the damage they cause can result in cysts in your mouth. These sacs of fluid can destroy the area surrounding the cyst, damaging the roots of nearby teeth. Thankfully, removing the wisdom teeth combined with professional dental care can help heal cysts.

Not every adult needs their wisdom teeth removed, but it’s such a common procedure that it’s definitely something to consider. Luckily, the team at Infinite Dental Wellness can remove your wisdom teeth with ease. We’re ready to perform emergency wisdom tooth removal or preventative removals, ensuring that your mouth stays healthy and your smile remains brilliant. Contact Infinite Dental Wellness today for more information on our services.