Cystectomy Performed With High Tech Dentistry Equipment

Oral cysts can be inconvenient at best and excruciatingly painful at worst. In the most extreme cases, an oral cyst may even impair one’s ability to eat, speak, or swallow, thus drastically decreasing the quality of life. If you suffer from this debilitating affliction, contact Infinite Dental Wellness today—our professionally-trained dental professionals and oral surgeons will swiftly and painlessly remove cysts, tumors, fibroma, oral polyps, and more. Depending on the location of the dental cyst and severity of the damage inflicted, patients may require root canals or tooth extractions; we will decide the best course of action to prevent further harm to your soft oral tissue.



Why do dental cysts form?

Dental cysts can form at the tip of the roots of dead teeth. They can also form around the crowns (and roots) of buried teeth. Most cysts form because the teeth they are associated with have died (infection or trauma). Others form because of a mistake in the way the teeth have developed (including being unable to grow into the mouth properly). Rarely, dental cysts are part of a genetic syndrome that has other symptoms (eg Gorlin’s syndrome).

The most common kinds of cysts that form in the oral cavity are periapical cysts, which are caused by infections spreading to the pulp of a tooth, or dentigerous cysts, which usually form around impacted wisdom teeth. Although they are not in themselves harmful, most dentists and oral surgeons suggest their removal, since as they expand they can weaken or damage surrounding tissue and bone or affect the position of surrounding teeth.

Cyst removal can usually be done under a local anesthetic in a simple surgical procedure. If the cyst is very large, more extensive surgery may be required to reconstruct the bone after the cyst has been removed. Follow-up will with your dentist or oral surgeon will probably be necessary for some time afterward to make sure that the cyst does not grow.

Soft Tissue Surgery With Epic™ Laser

While traditional surgical procedures offer one option for removing oral cysts and tumors, Infinite Dental Wellness now provides fast, painless soft tissue surgeries using the Biolase Epic™ diode laser. To learn more about Infinite’s cutting-edge dental technology, visit our Laser Soft Tissue Surgery page.

Epic Laser Treatment