Dental Stem Cell Banking

Secure your child’s future health. We now provide cryobanking from baby teeth and extracted adult teeth.

What do you do with your child’s baby teeth? Give them a dollar from the Tooth Fairy and throw them out? If this is your routine, you’re missing a major opportunity to secure your child’s future health.

Infinite Dental Wellness now provides cryobanking for baby teeth and extracted adult teeth, giving your family the peace of mind that comes of knowing health and healing for some of life’s most serious conditions are just a call away.

Store A Tooth

At this writing, over 1,700 clinical trials have been completed to demonstrate the effectiveness of stem cells in treating diseases, healing injuries, and aiding in the growth of replacement tissues. Because stem cells convert to become any type of cell they’re placed among, they actually have the capability to regrow sections of bone, cartilage, nerve, skin, muscle, blood vessels, and major organs.

No one likes to think about serious illness or injury affecting their children, but it’s important to prepare for the worst while working toward the best. Stem cell banking is an investment that safeguards your child’s life and well-being against any number of health problems, often making full recovery possible at an unprecedented rate. As research progresses and technology improves over time, the odds only get better. While the implementation of stem cell therapy has been hindered due to controversy over how some cells are sourced, the status of stem cells harvested from one’s own teeth for future treatment is as straightforward as it gets.

Save Stem Cells From Baby Teeth or Adult Teeth

Stem cells have the unique ability to become whatever type of cell they are placed next to. Whereas lung cells can only remain lung cells, stem cells have the ability to adapt to their location in the body.

The ramification is that stem cells could be used to replace unhealthy cells. For example, live disease could be reversed by growing healthy liver cells to replace the dying ones.

Baby teeth, as well as extracted adult teeth, are an excellent source of stem cells. By bringing your child’s tooth to Infinite Dental Wellness for stem cell banking, you could be providing them an incredible option should they face a serious disease or illness down the road.

Infinite Dental Wellness offers stem cell banking, a form or cryopreservation, which allows patients to preserve stem cells from their baby teeth or extracted adult teeth.

Stem cells have been proven by science to have unique regenerative properties that make them very valuable. They can be used to heal organs and other parts of the body by replicating nearby cells.

Cryopreservation, such as Infinite provides with “Store-A-Tooth” services, ensures that you have valuable stem cells available later in life, should you need them. This is just one of many ways we go beyond oral dentistry to Whole Body Wellness.