Denture Implants

Implant Technology for a Stable Dentures

Transitioning from natural teeth to dentures brings about a number of changes in a patient’s life, and the limitations that removable dentures can cause in the wearer’s chewing function, speech, appearance, and overall level of comfort are major concerns most patients share.

When removable dentures were the only option available, adjusting to these changes and drawbacks was simply a necessary way of life, but the world has changed. The anxiety and embarrassment of loose-fitting dentures and the time-consuming processes required for denture insertion, removal, and maintenance are no longer the only choice.

Denture Implant Stage 1
Denture Implant Stage 2

Infinite Dental Wellness fits patients with partial and full stabilized denture implants, providing the security you need to continue living a full life as a denture wearer.

Stabilized dentures employ dental implant technology to place secure, permanent replacement teeth on implant screws attached directly into several sections of the jawbone. This prevents the bone loss that occurs when natural teeth roots are no longer present, as the implant screws act as substitute roots to promote bone growth and support, which in turn prevent  the caved-in facial appearance that a depleted jawbone causes.

Using digital scans of your mouth, our doctors are able to custom recreate your natural teeth as they were at their best, minus any problems of tooth size and alignment.