Emergency Dental Service

Our Dental Office In Glendale Is Always Ready To Providing You And Your Family Emergency Dental Care.

Accidents happen and there is little you can do to prevent them. Infinite Dental understands this, which is why we have an emergency line that is available 24-hours per day: (818) 839-9494.

We deal with all sorts of dental emergencies, so try not to panic. If you knock out a tooth, we can replace it so that nobody ever knows the difference. If you need to fix fillings, crowns, or prosthodontics, we have the technology to achieve that.

Contact us to today for all your emergency dental needs 818-839-9494
Emergency Dentistry

Before you come in to fix prosthodontics that are loose, lost, or broken, take these precautionary steps for best results:

Emergency Fixes

Loose crown: Put over-the-counter dental cement or toothpaste into the back of the crown and fit it back on the tooth to keep the area safe. If this doesn’t work, bring the crown with you.

Lost dental filling: Cover the filling opening with dental cement or sugarless gum.

Broken tooth: If you can find the broken piece, bring it with you. Rinse your mouth with warm water and spit out any small pieces that may be in your mouth.

Knocked out Tooth: Place the tooth back into its hole and gently bite down on a soft item, like gauze; be careful to not swallow the tooth. If you cannot do this, transport the tooth in a container covered with whole milk or saliva, because we can use it for Store-A-Tooth purposes.

Emergency Dental Service

Emergency Appointments Within 24 Hours*

Call us for any emergency at 818-839-9494!
*Emergency and urgent care services performed outside of regular business hours will incur an emergency premium.

While Infinite Dental Wellness is primarily a general practice maintaining standard business hours, we understand that sometimes complications arise that simply can’t wait overnight or all weekend. For these situations, Dr. Kiraj is available on a limited basis to treat dental emergencies such as: