General & Family Dentist

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As a general and family dentist in Glendale, we provide all of the services traditionally associated with maintaining dental health. For adults, the American Dental Association recommends a regular checkup and cleaning every six months. General dentist visits for kids should begin as soon as they start teething, so going into the field of general and family dentistry is quite literally a lifelong commitment to providing quality care.Our enthusiasm for implementing new technology designed to make your office visit more comfortable and worry-free means that you save time and money and are spared even the slight discomfort of traditional procedures.

Infinite Dental Wellness uses the most up to date technology and methods for maintaining your family’s dental health in routine treatments like:

Regular Cleaning & Checkups

Cleaning regularly
No more scraping with metal hooks or nasty-tasting abrasives! Normal procedures for maintaining your best dental health are now easier than ever thanks to processes like our ultrasonic teeth cleaning services. We harness the power of sound waves to get your smile sparkling clean.

Cavities, Fillings & Root Canals

Almost every patient gets a cavity or two at some time in their lives. Infinite Dental Wellness is a mercury-free practice and repairs minor damage from tooth decay with composite resin fillings that require less drilling and match your natural teeth.

Sedation Dentistry

Gas sedation-M-42337060
Healthy teeth shouldn’t cost you peace of mind. Patients struggling with dental fear and anxiety benefit greatly from our sedation and sleep dentistry options. This no-stress solution keeps you calm and relaxed while your dentist works to keep your smile healthy and beautiful.

Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistry
Welcome to our family! Your child should get his or her first cleaning no later than one year after the appearance of the first tooth. Dental care in early childhood goes a long way to prevent future problems, particularly when the same dentist has experience treating the child’s parents and older siblings and knows which issues to anticipate.

Emergency Dentistry

Pain, infection, or damage to your teeth or dental prosthetics require immediate care, and the major factors in restoring patient comfort is access to your own dentist of access to dental services very close to your home. Dr. Kiraj is available outside of regular business hours to provide emergency services to new and current patients.

Dental Stem Cell Banking

“Store A Tooth” Stem Cell Banking provides you and your family a valuable safeguard against disease, illness, and accidents. Through a process called Cryopreservation, Infinite Dental Wellness stores the stem cells found in baby teeth or extracted adult teeth; these cells may be used to regrow tissues and organs later, if needed.