Laser Gum Grafting

Gum and bone loss due to excessive bacteria build-up are the top cause of tooth loss in America. Severe gum disease often degrades gum tissue and causes it to shrink or recede from the teeth. In extreme cases, the roots of the teeth and other bones that should be covered by the gums and other soft tissues become exposed, which contributes to bone loss and weakens the structure of the entire mouth.

Laser gum grafting is a simple restorative procedure that repairs the defect, preventing additional recession or loss of tissue and bone and promoting the healthy regrowth of some lost materials. In gum graft surgeries, doctors use tissue taken from the palate of the patient or donor tissue, which is attached by grafting to the natural gum tissue, covering the exposed root.

Gum Grafting

After healing, this procedure protects vulnerable tooth roots from weakening due to wear and decay. Gum grafting also reduces tooth sensitivity and pain, improves the patient’s appearance, and contributes to overall mouth health.

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