Support Peace and Artsakh Independence.

Dear friends of Infinite Dental Wellness, as you may know  a long standing ceasefire in Artsakh (aka Nagorno Karabakh Republic) has been violated, by the order of the dictator of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. Since last Friday more than 200 Azeri people have died. Those are the official numbers, and we all know the credibility of totalitarian regimes.

Electric Anesthesia, Not Needles

New Dental Anesthetic Technique Uses Electricity, Not Needles

Are you terrified of needles? Do you avoid scheduling dental procedures because you can’t stand the thought of a dentist injecting something into your gums? Is your dental health suffering because you get queasy every time you think about the pain you may have to endure the next time you sit in a dentist’s chair?

No Drill Dentistry Study

No-Drill Dentistry? A New Study Gets To The Root!

For decades, widely-accepted dental knowledge held that, if a tooth begins to decay, the best way to “stop the rot” was to remove the decaying portion and fill the cavity with inorganic material like amalgam, composite resin, cast gold, or ceramics as soon as possible. This practice is based on the assumption that tooth decay is progressive and possibly inevitable –

Stem Cells Grow Teeth

Scientists Use Lasers To Regrow Teeth From Stem Cells

What if, instead of attempting to fix problems with old teeth, your dentist could actually use lasers to grow a brand new tooth or set of teeth? Thanks to a group of researchers at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), this Science Fiction-sounding solution to tooth-decay, cavities, and chipped chompers might soon be a reality!

Sugar Added Beverages May Hurt More Than Just Your Teeth

Study Shows Sugary Beverages Aren’t Just Bad For Teeth!

A new study published in the Friedman School of Nutrition and Policy at Tufts University found that sugary drinks may be harmful to more than just your teeth. According to data collected from over 600,000 individuals across 51 countries, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages (defined as sodas, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, and sweet teas,

Infinite Dental Wellness Explores The Connection Between Green Tea and Dental Health

The Amazing Effects of Green Tea on Dental Health

While drinking green tea might be great for waking you up in the morning or helping you unwind after a long day at work, new research tentatively taps the delicious beverage as an effective way to fight bad breath, periodontal disease, and most impressively, oral cancer. Read on to learn about the amazing effects green tea may have on your dental health.

Berkeley Voters Support The Soda Tax

The Vote Is In: Berkeley Gives America Its First Soda Tax

On Tuesday, November 4th, Americans across the country headed to their local voting stations to decide the shape of local governments and of Congress. In California, voters in the cities of San Francisco and Berkeley were faced with an equally-important decision: Should we impose the nation’s first-ever tax on soda and other sugary drinks? In Berkeley,

Saving Water With Green Dentistry

One of Infinite Dental Wellness’s focuses is saving water. On the average, most dentists use large amounts of water daily for their dental treatments. Being a Green Dentistry facility, Dr. Kiraj at Infinite Dental Wellness is very adamant in conserving water, using an installation of Dry Evacuation System, which saves over sixty gallons of water per day.