Laser Gum Infection Treatment

Many cases of gum disease, while serious, are not severe enough to require full surgery. When bacteria, plaque, and calculus buildup on the exposed areas of teeth and gums begin to cause trouble, they can be removed by laser in a non-surgical procedure.

This type of treatment begins with a traditional scaling and root planing, a process in which your dentist removes buildup from the tooth surface and gum line. At Infinite Dental Wellness, this is done with an ultrasonic cleaning system rather than with old-fashioned metal scrapers, minimizing the patient’s discomfort and gum irritation and ensuring a more thorough and sterile cleaning.

Gum Disease

After this debris is removed, a laser is immediately applied to decontaminate the periodontal pocket below the gums and the visible areas of the teeth and gums, destroying any bacteria or biofilm still clinging to the teeth. Thanks to the combined technology of ultrasonic and laser procedures, what was once a painful, drawn-out invasive procedure causes less inconvenience or irritation than a routine checkup and cleaning caused just a few years ago.

If you have recurring gum inflammation or infection, laser gum treatment may be right for you. Contact Infinite Dental Wellness today to make an appointment!