Soft Tissue Surgery

Experience A Fast & Painless Recovery

While traditional oral surgery can be a painful and anxiety-inducing experience, Infinite Dental Wellness’s Epic™ Laser performs soft tissue surgeries with less damage to surrounding tissue, faster healing time, and most importantly, less pain. Used as an alternative to conventional devices like high-speed drills, scalpels, and electrosurges, the Epic™ Laser employs ComfortPulse™ technology to deliver precise micropulses of diode energy, resulting in maximium control and minimum patient discomfort. Don’t let fear of pain or concerns about lengthy recovery times keep you from getting the oral soft tissue surgery you need – contact Infinite Dental Wellness today to learn more about our amazing new surgical technology.

Benefits of Laser Dental Surgery

The Epic™ Diode Laser has several advantages over traditional soft tissue surgeries. Because it makes very fine, precise incisions, Infinite’s Epic™ laser minimizes bleeding, swelling, damage to surrounding tissue, and recovery time. In addition, soft tissue surgeries like crown lengthening, frenectomies, and cystectomies do not require sutures or anesthesia, and the high-energy laser beam reduces the risk of bacterial infection by sterilizing the surgical area. Finally, according to Biolase, the maker of the Epic™ Laser, the device’s 940 nanometer wavelength is better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin than other wavelengths, helping it to cut more efficiently and with less heat (and thus less discomfort).

Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

Soft Tissue Laser Surgical Procedures

Reshaping Gums

Receding gums are not only unattractive, they can actually do harm by exposing the sensitive roots of a patient’s teeth. The Infinite Dental Wellness Epic™ Laser can painlessly improve one’s appearance and health by performing soft tissue crown lengthening, gum re-contouring, and exposing unerupted teeth.

Frenulum Alteration

When connective tissues in the mouth are too short, babies may have trouble breastfeeding and children may develop speech pathologies like ankyloglossia (commonly known as being “tongue-tied”). Soft tissue laser surgery can quickly correct frenulum irregularities with far less discomfort and recovery time.

Cyst & Tumor Remove

An oral cyst can be excruciatingly painful, and the discovery of a fibroma (a benign tumor) can be a harrowing experience for even the most composed patient. Infinite Dental Wellness’s Epic™ Laser can painlessly remove these and other possibly dangerous inconveniences, often without the use of sutures.

Epic Laser Treatment

Epic™ Laser Specifications:

Manufacturer: Biolase
Laser Classification: Class 4 Laser
Operating Voltage: 110-240 volts
Laser Wavelength: 940 nm

Infinite Dental Wellness takes the pain and discomfort out of soft tissue oral surgery with the Biolase Epic™ Laser. For more information on this amazing new technology or to make an appoint for a cystectomy, fenulum alteration, or gum re-contouring procedure, contact Infinite Dental Wellness now!