Periodontal Gum Disease Prevention

Treating Gum Disease With Antibiotics

ARESTIN® Fights Periodontal Disease in Conjunction with Oral Hygiene.

Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in America, but is fairly easy to control with regular checkups, cleanings, and brushing. But it only takes 26 hours for dental plaque to build up, so forgetting to brush an entire day can be harmful.

We recommend scaling and root planing (SRP), a common gum disease treatment, to remove dental plaque that causes periodontal disease. When combined with ARESTIN®, a tasteless antibiotic that is placed in infected tissue pockets and releases Minocycline over a 21-day period, the chance of worsening periodontal issues is greatly reduced. The small, location-targeted doses reduce the chance of complications patients experience with other antibiotics in other forms.

Arestin Periodontal Gum Disease

SRP may not be be enough on its own, but in conjunction with ARESTIN treatments and good oral hygiene, the problem should be contained. ARESTIN also helps to heal bleeding gums. If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease like bleeding, inflammation, bad breath, and receding gums, contact Infinite Dental Wellness for an examination and treatment plan today!