Preventative Care

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Prevention is vital. It’s the reason you get regular dental checkups and cleanings at your dentist’s office and follow a dental care regimen at home. Many conditions that are easily treated in their early stages become painful and dangerous very quickly when left untreated.

See your dentist in Glendale for routine examinations. First sign of a problem can save you money and potentially even save your life.

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Laser Dentistry
Early treatment and prevention solutions offered at Infinite Dental Wellness include:

Gingivitis Disease Treatment

Clean teeth
When you show symptoms of the first, less serious stage of gum disease, your dentist will diagnose you with gingivitis and work with you to create a treatment plan and continuing oral health regimen. This can be treated with antibiotics, disinfectant rinses, laser treatments, and deep cleaning and will spare you the more involved process required to treat more difficult cases.

Periodontitis Treatment

Periodontitis is the more severe stage of gum disease, in which the periodontal pocket beneath the gum line and under the tooth becomes contaminated with bacteria and debris buildup and/or a gingivitis infection spreads and worsens. This requires more advanced therapy and more time in the exam chair, but catching it early can still prevent tooth loss, decay, abscessing, and root death.

Oral Cancer Exams

Oral Exams
Oral cancers are among the easiest to find and diagnose in the early stages, vastly improving a patient’s chance of survival and complete recovery. Developing an oral cancer can also be a sign of other cancers developing in the body that a medical doctor might not see yet, or for which you haven’t started to experience symptoms, that can also be treated earlier than usual. Oral cancer screenings saves lives. Schedule one today


Check up
The development of cysts in the mouth can indicate serious illness or infection, and removing them and sending the tissue to a lab for testing is critical to your health. Even benign cysts (”neutral” abnormal growths made up of material that is not cancerous or diseased) can still cause dental problems like creating speech impediments, displacing teeth and putting too much strain of gum tissue, so it’s important to have any mouth cysts removed and tested as soon as they’re discovered.